Our product lines

Salta trampolines offers a large collection of various trampolines. Each of these trampolines has their unique benefits and features. For an overview, the trampolines are classified as standard, advanced and professional.

The Salta Comfort Edition is an exceptional trampoline and unsurpassed in its attractive price range.

It’s impossible to imagine the Salta collection without this classic trampoline, the ‘Salta Combo’.

The Salta Premium Black Edition is already since 7 years one of our familiar trampolines for the market and that’s for a reason.

Experience the finest and highest quality of trampolines with the Salta - First Class. For this superior trampoline only the best, strongest and safest materials are used, and therefore this First Class trampoline line offers the ultimate quality!

The Salta Comfort Edition Ground combines the sleek design of the Salta Comfort Edition together with a solid low ground construction.

For an aesthetic appearance of your garden there is the Salta Excellent Ground to integrate your trampoline into your garden.

This revolutionary Salta Royal Baseground is situated at equal height with the lawn, making this beautiful trampoline fully integrated in your garden!

The Salta Junior trampoline is specially designed for toddlers and young children. In this day and age, having kids practice on a trampoline will help them to develop motor skills and better balance.

This professional Salta Fitness trampoline is ideally suited for advanced users, but also for the beginner.

Why choose


Salta trampolines offers a great value for money by guaranteeing the highest safety, quality and durability standards. Salta has an excellent range offering from the Comfort Edition, which offers truly amazing quality at an affordable price, right up to the ultimate First Class range. Get in touch to find out the best Salta trampoline.